'No, this isn't happening': Trump aides looked on in horror as Giuliani's hair dye streamed down his face
Rudy Giuliani during a news conference on November 19, 2020. (vasilis asvestas / Shutterstock.com)

According to another excerpt from Michael Wolff's upcoming book, Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, former president Donald Trump and his inner circle looked on in horror as ex-Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani held a press conference alleging election fraud as his hair dye streamed down his face.

The report from SheKnows via Yahoo, notes that Trump was watching the interview live as the former New York City mayor pressed his case -- while sweating profusely -- to get the 2020 election results overturned and then a thin line of dye slowly slid down from Giuliani's scalp and past his mouth.

According to Wolff, "...thirty-two minutes in, a rivulet of black hair dye started to run down his face. Then the rivulet grew wider, tributaries of black and deathly gray. Curiously, you could not immediately see it from the in-person seats. But you could see it on television, and in seconds, Twitter lit up in wonder and incredulity. Everybody in the audience in person, agog, was pointing at their phones and then looking up and pointing at the mayor."

Wolff reports that Trump was "pissed" by what he saw and blurted, "What's going on with this sh*t dripping off his face?"

The report adds, "The worst part of the entire press conference was that Giuliani knew he was sweating as he passionately delivered his talking points, but had no idea it was draining the color from his hair — and becoming a social media trending topic."

According to the author, Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller, "knew this was a disaster" and told former White House press secretary and current Newsmax personality Sean Spicer, "No, this isn't happening."

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