'The worse, the better': Kremlin propagandists openly fantasize about a second Trump term wrecking America
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (Wikimedia Commons)

With Russia's war in Ukraine grinding to a standstill, pundits on Russian state TV this week openly fantasized about how much easier the entire operation would have been if former President Donald Trump were still in the White House.

As reported by The Daily Beast's Julia Davis, Andrey Sidorov, deputy dean of world politics at Moscow State University, said recently on state TV that Russia needs to create a "total internal breakdown" inside the United States, and he said that Trump was just the man to make it happen.

Host Vladimir Solovyov agreed with Sidorov's assessment, and he praised Trump for his unique ability to create dysfunction and conflict within the United States and within the Western alliance.

“When a person rolls in like an elephant in a china shop -- like Trump -- he tears down and aggravates the situation," he said. "He consolidates the opponents and supporters, prompting a confrontation.”

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Russian military expert Alexander Artamonov then chimed in by delivering his hopes for what a second Trump administration would herald.

"“The worse, the better," he said, according to Davis's translation. "It’s beneficial for us... we’ll put an end to the existence of the old world and start a new era, a new phase—headed by Russia, in my opinion.”

In recent months, Russian state TV hosts have openly pined for a Trump restoration and have floated once again interfering in American elections to make it happen.