Trump concerned House committee will learn what he was up to during the Capitol riot: NYT's Haberman
Donald Trump (AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary)

Appearing on CNN on Tuesday morning, the New York Times' Maggie Haberman explained that the request by the House committee investigating the Capitol insurrection for phone records from GOP lawmakers and Trump family members could help determine whether the event was coordinated.

Speaking with hosts John Berman and Kaitlan Collins, Haberman said that while records won't reveal the content of conversations Trump had with GOP lawmakers who were under siege, other information that could implicate the former president in the Capitol riot could be revealed.

"I want to ask you, the House select committee that is investigating January 6th and what happened has asked telecommunications companies to preserve their records of Republican allies of the presidents who were on Capitol Hill that day, and former president Trump himself," Collins began. "What signal does this give you about the direction they are headed. Do you think this is going to be fruitful in any way of the conversations that he was having, you know, while holed up in the Oval Office that day with lawmakers who are on Capitol Hill, witnessing this?"

"I think the former president doesn't text, so I mean, he gets texts and reads them -- he doesn't really send them," Haberman explained. "The concern is there are going to be texts among lawmakers or his own aides talking about what he himself said or was doing in that moment. That is the concern there."

"What I think the committee is doing more broadly is trying to figure out whether there was at minimum a delay in trying to, you know, deal with the threat of what was happening at the Capitol, and also whether there was something more coordinated and organized," she continued. "And there has been this question, as we have seen all along, a Reuters report a couple of weeks ago or days ago, they all meld together, suggesting that the FBI had not come up with evidence that there was some concerted attack. I think that's where they're going with this."

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