9/11 family member shreds Trump's 'disgusting' decision to host Saudi golf tournament
Trump met then Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the White House in 2014 [File: Nicholas Kamm/AFP]

A woman who lost her father in the 9/11 terrorist attacks hammered former President Donald Trump on Tuesday for hosting a Saudi-backed golf tournament at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

In an interview with CNN, Juliette Scauso said that she was already upset by the prospect of the Saudi-backed tournament taking place in the United States, but that anger only intensified when she learned a former American president would be serving as one of its hosts.

"It was just shock, disappointment, you know, it's really hurtful, but now for it to be taking place, you know, literally, in the backyard of Ground Zero, in a state where there are a lot of 9/11 victims in New Jersey," she said. "And it's just absolutely -- it's shocking. And for that to be hosted by a former president is even more, you know, disgusting."

She pointed out that newly declassified documents are raising questions over how much some members of the Saudi government knew ahead of time about the plot to attack the World Trade Center on 9/11, and she said that Trump's actions stand in stark contrast to his 2016 campaign rhetoric where he pointed fingers at the Saudis for being culpable for 9/11.

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"Now he's taking money from them and profiting from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia," she said. "Meanwhile, the kingdom is currently awaiting trial in federal court against the 9/11 families over these attacks. You know, of course, we are awaiting that justice, but yeah, it's hard to find the words."

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