Protesters showed up with paper and banners at former President Donald Trump's big speech in Washington, D.C. at his own pro-Trump nonprofit group that purports to be promoting policies.

Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows is among the senior partners for the group, which received $1 million from Trump's political action committee after Meadows stopped cooperating with the Jan. 6 committee. OpenSecrets described the group as "the dark money arm of America First Action."

Footage obtained by Raw Story from 26-year-old Mackenzie N. @Kenzington96, who works at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), but is not speaking on their behalf, showed a group of protesters being attacked by a group of men. The protesters were shouting "No Trump! No KKK! No fascist-USA!" and unfurled a banner reading "Indict Trump" on it.

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At least two white men in green shirts, beards and man-buns grabbed the "Indict Trump" banner and stormed off while hotel security also ran toward the scene. The videos sent by Mackenzie showed a third man in the Army green shirt with a quasi-military-looking insignia on the left breast of his shirt and an American flag on the left arm.

Mackenzie described the men as "hired goons" of Trump's, but witnesses say the hotel confirmed that the "security" were actually hired by the America First nonprofit group to run "security" for their event.

She explained that she was there for a conference for the SEIU's strategic initiatives department that was booked about two months ago at the Marriott Marquis on Massachusettes Avenue in Washington, D.C.

The SEIU staff was holding their conference on what appeared to be the second floor, while the America First conference was on the first floor. According to Mackenzie, the America First attendees had to walk through their area to get to the small America First meeting.

As the America First group came through the SEIU conference area, they went through the breakfast buffet laid out and purchased by the labor union staff. Mackenzie explained that there was a big sign that said it was for SEIU only. She noted that they weren't wearing masks, despite Washington being in an area of the country that has seen a significant resurgence of COVID-19.

Once the SEIU group arrived last night for their event, they began to see the "America First" signs and realized that Trump was going to speak there.

She said that as a person of color she felt very uncomfortable given the white supremacist militias that have associated themselves with the Republican movement.

"I'm Black," Mackenzie told Raw Story. "As a person of color, it was distressful that they were there."

She also said that as a union that represents working people often ignored by Trump's policies they felt they need to make sure they did something.

"We rearranged our programing just to acknowledge it," she said in an interview with Raw Story.

At no point did the SEIU conference attendees go downstairs to the America First conference, they remained in their own area that was paid for by SEIU for their own event, Mackenzie explained.

She also said that at first the police in the hotel didn't come to the protesters, it was only the white men in the fake-military shirts. They grabbed the signs from the SEIU members and assaulted two protesters, body-checking one of the staffers and shoving another.

The police ultimately stepped in to separate the groups. One video from Mackenzie shows that one of the fake security men tried to make the SEIU group leave saying that they were no longer welcome. He wasn't a hotel employee and the SEIU group explained they paid to be at the hotel. The man in the green shirt wasn't any kind of authority with the hotel.

The group has been seen previously at Trump events working as "security."

The hotel did try and encourage the SEIU group to go into their own conference room and shut their doors and stay in there, but they refused, saying that they paid for the whole area.

TMZ noted that while Trump was speaking, "what was happening right outside, however, was far more interesting." The Washington Examiner posted videos to their Facebook Page showing a large "LOSER" banner across the street from the hotel along with additional anti-Trump protesters.

You can see some of the videos below or at this link.

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America First attackers at hotel