Tech reporter mocks idea of Trump creating Twitter rival -- and predicts it would end like 'Trump Steaks'

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly plotting to create his own social media network to rival Twitter and Facebook -- but many longtime tech journalists are skeptical it will ever succeed.

Tech reporter Kara Swisher tells CNN political commentator David Axelrod in his "Axe Files" podcast that any Trump social media network will face serious challenges in getting off the ground, and she notes that Trump has a string of failed business ventures that make her even more skeptical that he can succeed.

"Here's my only comfort: Trump Steaks, Trump Water," she said, referring to two of the former president's most notorious business flops. "When you have a social network, you actually have to have network effects. And one of the great things about Twitter, and also the negative thing is everybody's there, right?"

She then said that a Trump network for MAGA fans would quickly become a boring echo chamber if they had no liberals to troll.

"If you have a one-sided conversation, which is all his fans going, 'Go, sir, go, sir, go, sir,' that's just a mailing list as far as I can tell, right? I don't think it gets people going. I don't think it people on... I just don't think it creates the power that he's looking for."

Listen to the interview below.