'I chose to stay away': Woman claims she was invited to join Trump and Stormy in tryst
President Donald Trump and adult actress Stormy Daniels, in a 2006 Myspace photo.

In a tell-all piece for Rolling Stone, a former adult film star recalls the details of a night when she was invited by Stormy Daniels to join her when she met with Donald Trump which much later led to the alleged hush money payment before the 2016 presidential election now at the center of a Manhattan grand jury investigation.

According to actress Alana Evans, she has "firsthand knowledge of that fateful night in Lake Tahoe," and how she received frantic texts and calls from Daniels and one from the now-former president.

As she wrote for Rolling Stone, she ran into Daniels at a golf tournament along with other adult stars who were on site to hand out promotional materials for the company they worked for.

"The adult film company Stormy is contracted with, Wicked, had a booth there where some of the company’s contract stars handed out merch and posed with the golfers. One of these golfers just so happened to be the Apprentice star himself, Donald Trump," she recalled before adding, "As Stormy and I caught up, she filled me in on the details of her first encounter with Trump, who she said had actually sought her out himself. She described the meeting in detail, acting out his mannerisms while we giggled and enjoyed the idea of Trump wishing to meet her over the other stars in the booth. Stormy mentioned she’d later be joining Trump for a party and said I should accompany her."

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Evans then added that she agreed but then had a change of heart which led to a flurry of texts and calls from Daniels looking for her.

"Stormy continued to text. The texts became phone calls, each more pressing than the last. After about five or six calls, one came in that was different from the others. This time at the other end of the line was not just my neighbor and friend, Stormy, but a voice I recognized all too easily: Donald Trump," she wrote. "As Stormy pressed me on when I was coming, Trump interrupted her, beckoning me to join them. At this moment, panic and shock took over. The man I grew up watching on television was saying my name and asking me to join them. I can still hear his voice in my head. It was at that moment I made a choice that would later change my life in ways I never expected: I chose to stay away."

Adding that she later felt guilty, she said that when she next spoke with Daniels, she got the full scoop on what she missed out on.

"When the morning came, so did the guilt. I felt bad that I had bailed on Stormy, knowing I’d have to apologize and own up to my disappearing act the night before," she wrote for Rolling Stone. "As soon as I turned on my phone, I texted Stormy to check in on her and see what had happened. Even though I didn’t want to go, I was still curious about how it all went down. This led to a number of sordid details, including how Trump chased her around his hotel room in his 'tighty-whities.' That is a mental image I will never unsee. Even though Stormy and I remained friends, we never spoke about it again — that is, until Trump was sworn in as president."

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