Slur-spewing woman told cops she 'was going to call Donald Trump' on them if they arrested her

A slur-spewing woman who was arrested for disorderly conduct warned police over the weekend that she would "call Donald Trump" on them if they detained her.

The Newburyport Daily News reports that 61-year-old real estate agent Julianne Douglas caused a scene last week at the Briar Barn Inn in Rowley, Massachusetts, when she hurled a racial slur at a Black employee who asked her and a friend to not speak loudly, as it was past 10 p.m. on a Thursday.

After the employee relayed the woman's abusive behavior to her manager, they proceeded to call the police to have the woman removed from the premises.

When Rowley Police Officer Lucas Tubbs arrived and informed the woman that she would have to leave, she responded that she was "sick of this racial (expletive)," according to the officer's arrest report.

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After police handcuffed her, she continued to make a scene and continued yelling profanities as she was being led away.

Even in the police car, wrote Tubbs, Douglas "continued to scream about politics and stated that she was going to call Donald Trump."

Days later, she would plead guilty to a disorderly conduct charge and would agree to write letters of apology to the hotel employee whom she insulted and to the local police. She was also ordered to pay $150 in fines.