‘Bragging about how big his weapons system is’: Anderson Cooper zings Trump gloat on Woodward audio
Donald Trump at CPAC / Gage Skidmore

CNN's Anderson Cooper had a laugh after hearing new audio of Donald Trump that the network broadcast for the first time on Tuesday evening.

"Audio recorded by investigator reporter and Bob Woodward of the former president, some of it was played on CNN earlier today, but what you'll hear tonight has never aired," Cooper reported.

Woodward is releasing the audio from 20 interviews in an audiobook titled, “The Trump Tapes."

Cooper interviewed CNN's Jamie Gangel about the tapes.

"It is Trump unvarnished, blunt, profane," Borger reported. "It will not surprise you that he attacks people he doesn't like and he boasts about himself over and over and over. But what's also revealing, Anderson, is how Trump seems to me to try to impress Bob Woodward, including at times telling him about classified information."

Former Trump advisor David Urban suggested Trump may have just been exaggerating about a weapons system that doesn't even exist.

"It's rare for the president of the United States to be the guy in the bar bragging about how big his weapons system is," Cooper said. "There are plenty of presidents that had big weapon systems and not bragged about it."

Watch below or at this link:

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