Tax expert highlights a mysterious red flag in Trump tax returns
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

One hour after the House Ways and Means Committee released Donald Trump's 2015-2020 taxes to public scrutiny, a tax expert told CNN he was curious about multiple disappearing foreign bank accounts the former president listed up until 2016 that disappeared the following year and since then.

Asked by CNN host Jessica Dean "Could you explain what you would be looking for, that would be a blockbuster revelation beyond what we've learned in bits and pieces or key nuggets that could be gleaned from them?" Steven Rosenthal of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center claimed he had only done a brief perusal and that he had seen so far only focused on foreign business dealings.

"Well, we just got the documents posted and I've been looking closely at foreign accounts, and foreign sources of income in the last hour," he began. "What strikes me immediately is that in 2015, '16 and '17, Donald Trump had foreign accounts in the U.K., Ireland, China and also it looks like St. Thomas. And then in 2018 only U.K. and then in 2020 only U.K. and that is what I'm looking at."

"We know from last month's trial of the Trump Organization in New York, that Trump's tax accountants said that his presidential returns had to be 'squeaky clean,' so I suspect that things got cleaned up some later on," he added as a point of reference.

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