Watch: Members of Congress cut cameras and remove the public from Trump taxes meeting

The House Ways and Means Committee was set to meet Tuesday to vote on whether to release Donald Trump's taxes to the public after years of the former president refusing to release them.

But as officials began the hearing and the public and press were seated and ready to watch the proceeding, the members announced that they were kicking people out of the committee room.

"We are meeting today to consider material tax return information protected by section 61-03 of the Internal Revenue Code," the chairman, Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) said at the start of the meeting. "Given the confidential nature of the subject matter, I now move that pursuant to clause two G. One of House Rule 11. The committee proceeds to executive session."

"Mr. Chairman, if I may be recognized," asked ranking member Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX). "Mr. Chairman I ask unanimous consent of any taxpayer information is public as a result of the mark of today. The entirety of today's executive transcript be made public as well as transparency is a precedent as we've discussed in both 2014 and 2019."

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"I think we're in broad agreement with the gentleman's request. Is there any objection? Hearing none. The question is are the ranking members' request that the documents not the documents that the proceedings be made public at the appropriate time, proceeding based upon availability all in favor," said Neal.

They then they began escorting everyone from the room.

Ahead of the hearing, aides began rolling documents into the room.

See the moments as the hearing began below or at the link here.