Trump's new threat of a civil war makes him an 'imminent danger to our nation': lawmaker
Donald Trump at rally (Photo via AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC's "The Katie Phang Show," Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) dropped the hammer on Donald Trump over the wording in a new fundraising email which he claimed is encouraging another insurrection or civil war.

Speaking with the host the morning after Trump gave an over-the-top speech in Youngstown, Ohio that was described by one observer as "psychotic," Cohen read Trump's fundraising appeal before laying into the former president.

"I've got a fundraising letter that Trump just sent out yesterday, " he told the host as he began to read it. "He said 'The attacks on me earlier is really an attack on, you friend. They want power and it is up to us to rip that power from their hands and put it back where it belongs. I need a million dollars in the next few days. Get 1000 percent impact in the next 30 minutes and I need you, don't give this to anybody else. This is just for you.'"

"This is the biggest bunch of blarney and rip-off lies that you can imagine," he added with disgust. "The idea that he said 'we have to rip it from their hands' is really, I think, suggesting like he did earlier that if he is arrested, if he is indicted there will be problems in this country like you've never seen."

"He is threatening another insurrection, he is threatening civil war," the Democratic lawmaker charged. "And he is encouraging these people to be prepared to do even more -- he is a present and imminent danger to our nation."

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