'It doesn't work': Trump fans are giving up on 'Truth Social' as app downloads plummet
Photo via AFP

According to a report from the Daily Beast, Donald Trump's "Truth Social" is still facing continuing problems with downloads for the app in a death spiral and fans of the former president are throwing up their hands and giving up.

The report notes that the highly publicized entry into the social media landscape that was supposed to challenge the dominance of Twitter is, as the Beast reports, "lagging behind the likes of more obscure social networks like 'Wizz,' 'BeReal,' and 'Bloomer-random video chat,' on Apple’s App Store.

As the Beast's Adam Rawnsley and Asawin Suebsaeng wrote, "Download data shared by the analytics firm Apptopia shows that downloads of the app have plummeted from a peak of 170,000 downloads a day to just 8,000 now. The app is now just the 355th most popular app on Apple devices overall. And those who have downloaded it don’t seem to be using it that much," adding, "Daily active users—a metric that social media and tech companies use to measure how many engaged users an app has—stood at just 513,000 as of last week. By contrast, daily active users at Twitter—Trump’s erstwhile and beloved social media home—were around 217 million, according to the company’s last quarterly earnings report."

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Adding to Trump's woes, his fans are slagging the app and complaining they can't even get an account set-up due to glitches in the platform.

Tne Beast is reporting, "...users have repeatedly complained about error messages and a convoluted registration process that has left even diehard MAGA fans frustrated. 'I’ve been waiting for this. It’s finally released, and it doesn’t work,' one user wrote in an AppStore review."

According to the report requests for comment from Truth Social have gone unanswered.