Trump shares description of self as 'most devastating debater since Abraham Lincoln'
Composite image. Donald Trump’s official portrait and Abe Lincoln, photo by Alexander Gardner.

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday enthusiastically repeated praise he received from anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist and Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr.

Specifically, the former president quoted a statement that Kennedy made when he appeared on Steve Bannon's podcast about Trump's debating prowess.

"President Trump has shown himself to be the most devastating debater probably since Abraham Lincoln in terms of just his capacity to obliterate and dispatch opponents," Kennedy said, in a quote posted on Trump's Truth Social account.

In reality, Trump has not shown himself to be a devastating debater, let alone one on par with one of America's most historically well ranked presidents.

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Scientific post-debate polls conducting in both 2016 and 2020 generally showed audiences found Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden bested Trump in the first debates they had together.

Trump's first debate performance against Biden was criticized even by some Republicans, as he repeatedly talked over Biden so many times that it prompted Biden to famously say, "Will you shut up, man?"