Trump's loss of social media accounts has him scrambling to stay the center of attention: CNN
Gage Skidmore.

On CNN Saturday, commentator Brian Stelter broke down the significance of outgoing President Donald Trump losing his signature social media accounts two weeks away from his departure from office.

"Twitter has been under tremendous pressure from its own staff to take this step," said Stelter. "And frankly, it's a lot easier to do it in the final few days of the Trump administration than it would have been to do this a year or two ago. So Twitter is receiving some credit and also a lot of blame for not doing this sooner and blame from Trump supporters who are going to feel even more isolated."

"Donald Trump Jr. this morning telling his fans to sign up for his email list so he can stay in touch with them," continued Stelter. "That reminds me of one other detail: the Trump campaign is not sending out emails anymore, so I'm starting to wonder if they're having a hard time getting access to servers to even send emails."

"This president is incredibly isolated right now, his platforms are shrinking by the hour," concluded Stelter. "Maybe the only way he can reach the public right now is through an old-fashioned press conference."

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