Watch: Trump mocked over his baffling mispronunciation of 'Lenin'
Trump speaking at a rally in 2019. (

Donald Trump used a baffling pronunciation of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin's name at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

The typical American pronunciation for the communist revolutionary is "Lennon," but the former president repeatedly pronounced it as "Leneen," and it's not the first time, reported the Washington Post.

“You know Leneen — did anyone ever hear of Leneen?” Trump said in New Hampshire. “He said, the vote counter is far more important than the candidate. Has anyone ever heard that — Lennon. Leneen, as they say, as they say in Russia.”

Trump used the same pronunciation during a campaign rally for Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz in September, and he called attention to the way he said it, which he implied was fancier.

“Did you ever hear the statement by, I believe it was Leneen," Trump said at the time. Did anyone ever hear of Leneen? People would say it with less sophistication: Lennon. Leneen! I like the way they say that.”

The Post's Philip Bump pulled up video of Lenin's current successor, Russian president Vladimir Putin, and found he pronounced it as "Leenin," more or less, and spoke to a woman at London’s Russian Language Centre who said it the same way, although she pointed out his last name started with a "soft L," which resulted in something like an L-Y combination.

It turns out that Trump's attribution of his quote about vote counting didn't actually come from Lenin, and most people commonly misattributed it to another Soviet leader -- Joseph Stalin.

"Or as sophisticated Russians say: Joseph Staleen," Bump wrote.

Watch Trump's remarks below or at this link.