Trump's Waco crowd began to head for the exits 30 minutes into the rally: report
Donald Trump in Waco (Photo by Suzanne Cordeiro for AFP)

Donald Trump's first major rally of the year as he tries to avenge his 2020 election loss went off without a hitch in Waco on Saturday but fans didn't stick around long, reports the Waco Tribune-Herald.

According to the Tribune-Herald's report, police stated there were no problems with protesters or violent incidents and that campaign estimates of 15,000 attending sounded about right.

However, the report notes that even after having to stand in long lines for hours to get in, the crowd grew perceptibly smaller not long after the rally started.

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According to the Tribune-Herald's Mike Copeland, "Trump arrived shortly before 6 p.m., his plane circling the airport as attendees intently looked to the heavens. He wrapped up at 7:32 in the evening, though quite a few fans did not last that long."

"About 30 minutes into the rally, the crowd began to thin, with people getting a head start on the walk back to the parking lots, designated and otherwise," he wrote.

"Several leaving early said they accomplished what they wanted to achieve by showing up for the rally, enduring traffic and long lines. Some said after hours on the tarmac, they were tired, hungry or both and wanted to get home," he added.

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