Here's what the Jan. 6 committee can learn from Trump's White House visitor logs: CNN reporter
Donald Trump (AFP)

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," congressional correspondent Ryan Nobles walked through how the White House visitor logs former President Donald Trump unsuccessfully sought to block from being turned over to the House January 6 Committee could further the investigation into the attack on the Capitol.

"Tell me what you are learning from the committee, what they want from this," said anchor Erin Burnett.

"It's been clear what the committee is trying to uncover is a direct link between the former president's conduct leading up to January 6th and the attempts to overturn the will of the American voters," said Nobles. "What these White House visitor logs could show are the type of people that were coming in and out of the White House of the days leading up to January 6th. We already know from some of the public reporting there were many of these individuals that were at the front lines of this attempt to undermine the election results. People like Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell. Others, like Congressman Mo Brooks and those peddling these false claims and scheming up different legal theories that could be used to try and prevent the certification of the election results."

Nobles raised doubts on just how much the information could provide, however.

"We know the Trump administration was a bit lackluster when it came to recordkeeping on a number of fronts," he said. "We have reported about that as it relates to the call logs on January 6th. There's also only so much information the visitor logs can tell you. It's who gets cleared into the building on any given day. It doesn't say what offices they go to after their first initial meeting. It lacks a lot of detailed information about who comes in and out of the White House residence."

"We have seen the committee is casting a wide net," added Nobles. "They are talking to a lot of people. They deposed a number of people. They are conducting a lot of interviews. This may not present everything they are looking for, but hoping it's another piece of information that will allow them to paint the picture of what happened on January 6th."

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Ryan Nobles on Trump's White House visitor