CNN hosts shred Trump's 12 'dangerous lies' that make the insurrection sound like 'a bedtime story'

CNN co-hosts John Berman and Brianna Keilar blasted former president Donald Trump on Monday for telling 12 lies about a single topic — the Capitol insurrection — during an interview with Fox News' Maria Bartirimo on Sunday.

Trump's mistruths — many of which were repeated by him and others during the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend — amount to "an eruption of lies about the insurrection making it sound like a bedtime story rather than an event that injured law enforcement and shook the foundations of democracy, literally," Berman said.

"Lies — repeated, aggressive, intentional, dangerous lies," Berman added, saying that Trump was "enabled by the host," Bartiromo.

Berman and Keilar then proceeded to pick apart, one by one, the list of Trump's 12 lies, which was originally posted by CNN reporter Marshall Cohen.

For each lie, the two co-hosts played the relevant audio from Trump's interview, before using video and other evidence to forcefully debunk his claims.

Watch below.

Trump's 12 lies about the insurrection