WATCH: Trump supporters disrupt New Hampshire town council meeting alleging voter fraud

On Saturday, the Associated Press reported on a crowd of 500 angry supporters of former President Donald Trump who showed up to a town selectman meeting in Windham, New Hampshire last week, demanding information on supposed voter fraud that happened in the district — even though they won the legislative races in this area.

"The crowd at the Monday meeting had been fired up by conservative media, which in recent weeks has seized on the town's election results for four seats in the state House as suspect," said the report. "The attention, fanned by a Donald Trump adviser who happens to be a Windham resident, has helped a routine recount spiral, ultimately engulfing the town in a false theory that the national election was stolen from Trump. It doesn't seem to matter that Republicans won all four state House seats in question."

Watch below:

Windham, NH Selectmen Meeting

According to the report, the furor began after Democratic candidate Kristi St. Laurent requested a recount in a race decided by 24 votes — only for Republicans to receive 300 votes and Laurent to lose 99. "The discrepancy inspired the legislature to take up the matter. Lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a bill authorizing an audit of the town's ballot counting machines and hand tabulations. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu signed the bill and insisted that 'New Hampshire elections are safe, secure, and reliable.'" — but right-wing media raised an uproar over the previously uncounted GOP votes, suggesting with no basis they indicated widespread fraud across the state.

And this prompted Trump to weigh in, suggesting the fraud may have affected him — despite losing by 7 points. At a recent event, Trump claimed ballots were still being "found" in New Hampshire, and he released a statement praising the "great patriots of Windham" for rooting out "massive election fraud."

"Recounts are not unusual in New Hampshire, which elects 424 lawmakers every two years and allows candidates to request recounts if the difference in votes is less than 20% of the total ballots cast," noted the report. "There have been at least 15 recounts after each of the past four election cycles, with only a handful of outcomes changed."

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