Jen Psaki pours cold water on Tucker Carlson's Twitter  pivot
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Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has a warning for ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who recently announced he'd be doing his show on Twitter after being abruptly dropped by the conservative news network.

Psaki, who landed a job at MSNBC in March of 2022 following her stint at the White House, questioned whether Carlson’s "millions of nightly watchers" would follow him to the new social media-based show. Specifically, she asked if they are "really going to seek out his hate speech on a platform largely designed for scrolling?"

"NBC News’ dark web expert Ben Collins has his doubts," Psaki wrote for MSNBC.

Twitter is not “really meant for an hourlong video,” Collins told MSNBC, according to the post. “I don’t think he understands. He’s just some guy on Twitter now.”

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"Plus, Carlson is now without the backing of America’s most-watched cable network. How many 65-year-olds are going to drastically change their routine?" the host asked on Saturday. "This may not be the last format Carlson engages with. But for now, Fox News has moved on — and many of his fans may move on as well."