Tucker Carlson's first grade teacher busts him for lying about her: 'That's the most embellished thing I ever heard'
Tucker Carlson (Screengrab)

Tucker Carlson's first grade teacher called him out for lying about her.

The Fox News broadcaster blamed the teacher, whom he identified as Mrs. Raymond, for his longtime hatred for liberals, calling the educator "a parody of earth-mother liberalism" who "wore long Indian-print skirts" and was so terrible at her job that his wealthy father was forced to hire a private tutor, but the Washington Post tracked her down for comment.

"Oh my God," said retired teacher Marianna Raymond. "That is the most embellished, crazy thing I ever heard."

Raymond, now 77 years old, denied crying at her desk, wearing Indian skirts or discussing her politics in class, but she praised her former student Carlson as "very precious and very, very polite and sweet."

She also confirmed that Carlson's father hired a tutor to help him with his school work, but Raymond told the newspaper that she was the tutor.