GOP group slams 'COVID friends' Tucker Carlson and QAnon lawmakers for helping pandemic stage a comeback

On Friday, the Republican Accountability Project, an anti-Trump conservative watchdog group, released a new ad proclaiming that Fox News host Tucker Carlson and several far-right GOP freshmen are "the Covid Friends" for pushing anti-vaccine fears.

"Introducing the Covid Friends," said the ad, showing Carlson alongside Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), and Madison Cawthorn (R-NC).

"In the studios of Fox News and the offices of MAGA, there are assembled four pro-COVID Republicans dedicated to anti-vaccine propaganda," said an announcer in a parody of the Justice League announcer. "Tucker Carlson!" It played a clip of him saying, "If vaccines work, why are vaccinated people still banned from living normal lives? So maybe it doesn't work."

"Madison Cawthorn!" said the announcer, before playing a clip of him saying, "And now they're starting to talk about going door to door, to be able to take vaccines to the people. So you know the mechanisms they would have to build to be able to actually execute that, they could go door to door and take your guns. They could take your Bibles."

"Marjorie Taylor Greene!" said the announcer, showing a clip of her saying, "Tell Biden's little posse that's going to show up at your door, they come and try to intimidate you to take the vaccine, just tell them to get the hell off of your lawn."

"And Lauren Boebert!" said the announcer, with a clip of her saying, "We're here to tell government, don't coming knocking on my door with your Fauci Ouchie. You leave us the hell alone!"

"Their mission: To spread misinformation about vaccines, to keep COVID spreading," said the announcer. "Meet Covid Friends!"

Watch below: