GOP's Tudor Dixon baffles Maria Bartiromo with unintelligible answer on Iran policy
Fox News/screen grab

Tudor Dixon, the Trump-endorsed Republican nominee for governor in Michigan, appeared to confuse Fox News host Maria Bartiromo with her answer about Iran policy.

During a Sunday interview on Fox News, Bartiromo asked Dixon about her view on protests in Iran.

"On Iran, are your constituents worried about what's going on with this administration pursuing an Iran deal when you've got people in the streets of Iran chanting death to the Supreme Leader?" Bartiromo wondered.

"Absolutely," Dixon replied. "It's been something that I've heard out on the streets when I've been talking on the campaign trail. They're asking what do I think will happen with the federal government?"

As Dixon answered, Bartiromo seemed to struggle to make sense of the response.

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"Will we see a red wave?" Dixon continued. "And after these last few weeks, I believe that we will. People do not want to engage in this kind of rhetoric outside of the United States."

It was not clear from Dixon's answer whether she supports a nuclear deal with Iran.

Watch the video below or at the link.