Anti-vaxxers are now convinced they’ll inherit the earth as lone survivors after vaccines kill everyone else
Anti-vaccine TikTok user. (Screenshot)

Some users on the TikTok social media app seem to think they'll be left with the world to themselves after vaccinated people die off.

The videos, hashtagged with "#unvaccinated" and other high-interest terms designed to appear on users' "For You" recommendations, have been viewed thousands and thousands of times, and are just a fraction of the misinformation spread on the platform, reported Vice.

"I am Optimus Prime," says one video, using audio from the 2007 movie "The Transformers," "and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars. We are here. We are waiting."

TikTok has been major source of coronavirus misinformation throughout the pandemic, and this latest trend of anti-vaccine content is promoted by the platform's algorithms and widely viewed.

It's not clear whether the TikTok users genuinely believe that vaccine recipients will die in "three years, as a generous estimate," as one users puts it, and some posts link those claims to the conspiracy theory that Bill Gates and other elites are using the doses to depopulate the world.

The videos also fit into a broader trend of TikTok users -- many wearing MAGA hats and clothing with pro-police messages -- who can't be forced to comply with "experimental treatments" recommended by the medical establishment.

These users insist the COVID-19 vaccines were unsafely rushed onto the market, although both Moderna and Pfizer are seeking full FDA approval for their vaccines and hesitancy is quickly dropping.


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