'You're all responsible!' MSNBC's Mika busts Fox News and Facebook for 'right-wing garbage' prolonging the pandemic

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski took aim at right-wing broadcasters and social media companies spreading disinformation about the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines as the highly contagious delta variant seeds new outbreaks around the country.

The U.S. is averaging more than 34,000 new cases a day, a 55-percent increase over last week, and the worst outbreaks are in states with the lowest vaccination rates -- which the "Morning Joe" host attributed to "right-wing garbage" spewed on Fox News and Facebook.

"Republicans need to step up," Brzezinski said. "I know a lot of these Republicans so scared of Donald Trump and they like to put kind of like information out there that's sort of supportive of the vaccine, but sort of not, and sort of whatever, and folks on Fox, folks on Fox News, you know, having people come on making fun of the vaccine, airing the lies of people putting out conspiracy theories about the vaccine and leaving them unchecked."

Although some conservative politicians and broadcasters have recently spoken up in favor of vaccination, they wink and nod at others who question the shots' safety and effectiveness.

"You're all responsible for the misinformation that has pervaded into the American population and left a huge segment of it exposed to a deadly virus, and here's the thing," Brzezinski said. "It's not like it's hard to find now. It's not like, 'Is this true, it might not be true -- you're fake news.' Nope, the people who are unvaccinated and followers of Donald Trump and followers of these Republicans and followers of Fox News, and followers of Newsmax and followers of right-wing garbage on Facebook, are the ones who have chosen to believe the conspiracy theories and the bad information out there, and they are the ones going to the hospital and dying of COVID and spreading it around the country and keeping our country from being able to move forward out of mask wearing, out of all these things that constrain your rights and that you think Democrats are so stupid to be supporting."

"We're just supporting facts," she added. "Yes, Democrats like facts and some Republicans do, too. I'm hoping more do, follow the lead of Gov. Kay Ivey and tell people the truth for once."

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