'Embarrassment to law enforcement': Retired NYPD commissioner shreds Texas cops for spreading 'misinformation'
Bill Bratton (Shutterstock)

On Friday's edition of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," former New York City police commissioner William Bratton tore into Texas law enforcement for their repeated mixed messages and false claims surrounding the officer response to the Uvalde school shooting.

In particular, Bratton said that the information Texas authorities are giving out is simply not adequate to explain what happened.

"My question to you has to do with ... that 12 minutes between the time the car crashes, he crashes the car, and he gets into the school," said anchor Mike Barnicle. "A full 10 minutes outside of the school. Ten minutes after the 911 call was first registered. This is a small town, as you pointed out. There's no traffic. There's no congestion at that hour. How bothersome is it to you that within that 10-minute package of time, 12 minutes in total, that nobody, apparently, responds to a shooter at a school?"

"Well, Mike, that's one of the details that's going to have to be determined, in the sense of that 12 minutes, what calls are coming into 911 system?" said Bratton. "Where were the police officers in that community going to the shooting scene with the grandmother, potentially going to the shooting scene at the funeral home? Then the idea that the funeral home is right across from the school. What notification protocols do they have to lock down the schools when they have a shooting incident adjacent to one?"

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"The devil is in the details," continued Bratton. "Unfortunately, law enforcement is doing a terrible job in this community, in Texas, in Public Safety, of giving details, even if they are preliminary. There's so much that needs to be explained here. Up to this point, they have been giving out nothing, basically. It can't be described as anything but misinformation. It is an embarrassment to American law enforcement and certainly to law enforcement in Texas, as to how badly they are handling this situation."

So far, police have continued to stonewall the issue, with one officer blowing off CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz as he requested more details.

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