Uvalde shooter was 'outgunned and outmanned' by police within five minutes of their arrival: investigative reporter
Despite recurring mass-casualty shootings, multiple initiatives to reform gun regulations have failed in the US Congress (AFP/allison dinner)

On CNN Tuesday, Terri Langford of the Texas Tribune walked through the newly obtained pictures of Uvalde police during the shooting at Robb Elementary School.

One key takeaway, she said, is that the officers were far more armed than they had led the public to believe.

"Your paper ... obtained new pictures from inside the standoff," said anchor Brianna Keilar. "In particular we see this one. I don't know if you can tell us a little bit about the timing here. What we're seeing are multiple officers with long guns, so they got semi-automatic rifles, matching firepower with the gunman, multiple ballistic shields, and at least one officer there wearing a helmet. Can you tell us, do you know when this was taken?"

"That was taken approximately at 12:04," said Langford. "So this — this is in the first half hour of the shooter making it into the classroom. He gets in there at 11:33. We are really at the 30-minute point at this point. And this is one end of the hallway and this is captured in — there is only one camera in that hallway. And so we see one end, but you can tell at the other end there are officers too. So everything we saw from this video is captured from that one tiny camera."

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"What questions do you still have?" asked anchor John Berman. "This reporting has been so long in coming and so hard to get. What is still out there?"

"I think there is a lot of things still out there," said Langford. "How we still don't know a lot about what planning the school had, the school safety plans, those are secret in Texas. We don't know how teachers and students were alerted, whether there was a system in place. You can tell from the video that I saw that they got very little warning and it may have come from the shooter shooting outside is how the word got out into that building to start locking down."

"But we still have a lot of questions about process, at what point do you — you have — you have outgunned him, rather quickly, there were — we had manpower, we had guns, we had ballistic shields, I'm not quite sure what else was needed. And that all came together pretty quickly, I would say. He was outgunned and outmanned within the first five minutes after the shooting. Officers got there pretty quickly."

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