Trump-backing former Georgia Democrat flails in his attempt to run for Congress: NYT
A Vernon Jones campaign sign (Shutterstock)

On Tuesday, The New York Times reported on how Vernon Jones, a controversial former Democratic Georgia state representative who left the party to support former President Donald Trump, is floundering in his efforts to win the GOP nomination for a safely red House seat.

As the article noted, the House contest wasn't even Jones' first choice — he originally mounted a bid for governor, seeking to unseat incumbent Republican Brian Kemp as revenge for not illegally overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election and declaring Trump the winner.

But Trump decided instead to endorse former Sen. David Perdue for that race, reportedly telling Jones that if he dropped out he would have the former president's backing for Congress.

But things haven't worked out that way, reported Jazmine Ulloa.

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"Now he is struggling to stay afloat in a crowded Republican primary for a House seat representing the state’s 10th Congressional District. Like the governor’s race, where Mr. Kemp has remained on top despite Mr. Trump’s endorsement of former Senator David Perdue, the 10th District race has exposed the limits of Mr. Trump’s sway," said the report. "Mr. Jones, who was endorsed by Mr. Trump early this spring after he agreed to drop his bid for the governorship, is running against seven other contenders for the seat representing a Republican stronghold, which stretches from suburban Atlanta to Augusta and includes Athens, a college town. He has struggled to raise money and earn the trust of voters, many who remained skeptical of his party affiliation."

"Among his toughest challengers is Mike Collins, the owner of a trucking company and the race’s top fund-raiser. He ran for the seat in 2014 and lost to Representative Jody Hice, a radio show host and political activist who is now challenging Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger," noted the report. "Other contenders include David Curry, the state revenue commissioner, and Paul C. Broun, who represented the district from 2007 to 2014. Mr. Broun lost a 2016 House bid to represent the state’s Ninth Congressional District against Doug Collins, a Republican."

Jones has faced a number of controversies throughout his career in county and state legislative office, including a corruption scandal around the watershed department of DeKalb County and an allegation of rape, which he denies.

Ironically, Perdue, who beat out Jones for Trump's endorsement to take on Kemp, also appears on track to lose in Tuesday's primary, where polls have shown Kemp has a strong lead to be nominated for a second term, and even Trump appears to be abandoning the effort.