Putin's invasion is a 'dismal failure' and 'reality is sinking in' for him: retired general
Vladimir Putin (Photo via AFP)

While Russia is celebrating "Victory Day" with a display of military might in Red Square, retired brigadier general and CNN military analyst Steven Anderson told the hosts of "New Day" that President Vladimir Putin is putting on a brave face as his war on Ukraine shows all the signs of being a failure.

While America slept, Putin gave a speech on the anniversary of the allies accepting the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945, while facing a possible humiliating personal defeat of his own.

Using a map of Ukraine to show the current state of the months-long war, Anderson claimed that "reality is sinking in" as evidenced by Putin's low-key speech.

With "New Day" host Brianna Keilar prompting, "This morning, Vladimir Putin presiding over Victory Day parades, blaming the west for escalation in a speech full of mistruths and propaganda.... I want to know what stood out to you in this military display in the speech."

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"What stood out to me was that nothing stood out," Anderson replied. "Essentially there was no new declaration of war. There was no mobilization. And I think that Vladimir Putin is starting to realize that he can't achieve his objectives militarily."

"He's essentially 0 for 3," he continued. "He started on the 24th of February with the blitzkrieg, then he attacked the city of Kyiv and that was a dismal failure. Now he's in east Donbas, and looking increasingly like he's losing there too. Reality is sinking in."

"What's going on is Ukrainians are taking it to the Russians," he later added.

Watch below:

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