Putin's military slammed by retired general on CNN: 'Ukrainians are beating them in every possible way!'
Russian President Vladimir Putin (© Yuri Kochetkov, AFP)

The Russian military last month shifted tactics in its war against Ukraine to focus more on the eastern part of the country -- but American intelligence reports indicate they're seeing setbacks there as well.

Appearing on CNN Thursday, Ret. Brig. Gen. Steve Anderson broke down just why Russia still hasn't found its footing in Ukraine two months into its unprovoked invasion.

"The Russians have a flawed strategy," he said. "They're attacking along an 800-mile front, and not just a couple of main axes of advance, to which they could overwhelm with artillery and their superior numbers in tanks and mechanized vehicles... he who attacks everywhere attacks nowhere. They essentially have flawed logistics, flawed strategy."

Anderson then went on to compare the state of Russia's military to Ukraine's -- and the comparison was not flattering.

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"Their soldiers, morale, and leadership is poor," he said. "The generals are getting killed. The Ukrainians are beating them in every possible way, with their will to fight, their superior logistics, their superior leadership, and their superior execution of an active mobile defense, which thus far is carrying the day."

Later in the segment, former national security official Andrea Kendall-Taylor predicted that Putin at some point in the future realize he has no way of holding Ukraine and would instead use state media to hype up some kind of "shambolic victory" that he could tout despite having failed to achieve his main objectives.

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