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Loudoun County held an Electoral Board meeting. (Photo: Screen capture)

Former President Donald Trump's false claims about voter fraud in 2020 has inspired a group of his supporters, but in Virginia, it wasn't enough to combat the Democrats that have their own complaints.

WUSA News revealed that the battleground Loudoun County held an Electoral Board meeting Thursday to address allegations of the "stolen election." Trump's supporters were thin in the audience, however.

About half-dozen conservatives were overwhelmingly outnumbered at the hearings by Democrats demanding election integrity by county officials.

A MAGA-hat wearing Jonathan Kasperek clashed with a Democratic activist after he claimed he had binders full of election problems. The Democratic activist waved at him to "move on."

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"I believe the election should be voter verified," he said. "I want to see the log files from all of the OVOs [OpenElect Voting Optical Scan] from the high-speed scanner. I want to see all the absentee ballots. I want to count all the absentee ballots. All the paper ballots. Just show us how it's done. Show us the numbers."

Leesburg Mayor Kelly Burk, a Democrat, explained that in 40 years of serving in Loudoun County politics she has never once seen evidence of voter fraud.

"This is crazy, this is truly crazy," Burk explained. "I can assure you every vote is counted. Every rule is followed."

Election workers were on hand to deny the claims of the Trump supporters that there was voter fraud. Dozens of Democrats joined them.

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"I don't understand when the Republicans win, it's business as usual, pop open the champagne," said Bernard Hill, of Loudoun County. "And when they lose, somebody stole it."

Read the full report at WUSA News and see the report below:

'Stop the Steal' allegations hit Loudoun County's electoral board