Outrage erupts after 8-year-old says she was prepared for Nats game gunfire because ‘it was my second shooting’

Social-media users erupted in horror this weekend after video emerged of an 8-year-old girl explaining that she was "prepared" for an incident in which gunfire erupted Saturday at the Washington Nationals game in D.C. because, "It was my second shooting."

The girl, Faris Nunn, was inside Nationals Park, sitting along the third-base line with her parents and brother, when shots rang out from a nearby gate, according to D.C.'s CBS affiliate.

"I saw people looking that way. And I didn't know what was going on until I heard someone say get out, so I just started going under the seat," Faris told the station. "It was my second shooting, so I was kind of prepared ... I always am expecting something to happen."

D.C. police said the incident — which sent fans and players scrambling for safety in the middle of the game, including CNN's Chris Cillizza — was a shootout involving two cars. Two people were taken to the hospital, including an innocent bystander who was attending the game.

Faris' mom, Lora Nunn, told the station a man was shot to death outside of their Northeast D.C. recreation center in November, while they were at toddler playgroup, the station reported.

"We just tried to reassure her that this is not normal, that nobody's targeting her, that it's -- it's just a really stressful time right now with the pandemic," Nunn said.

Her father, Jim Faris, described the scene at the ballpark: "Where I was sitting, I could see hands waving, telling people to get down We weren't sure if it was a fight that had broken out or what. But as people started coming down the steps, people started saying there's an active shooter. So everybody got down under their chairs and took cover."

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