In the midst of a tornado warning on Thursday night, a D.C.-area meteorologist took a moment mid-broadcast to phone his family and tell his children to shelter in their home's basement.

While NBC Washington chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer was on air tracking the storm, he realized the tornado warning was right over his house in Maryland.

“Kent, you there buddy?" he said talking to his son on his cellphone. "Hey man, I want you to get down to the basement. We got a tornado warning. I want to make sure you and Callie get down as soon as you can.”

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“Get down there right now,” Kammerer continued. “Get in the bedroom down there and wait 10-15 minutes okay. Do it now.”

He resumed the broadcast as soon as he hung up.

“I gotta warn my kids, because I know what my kids are doing right now, they’re probably online gaming,” he told viewers. “And they’re not seeing this.”


Weatherman stops live broadcast to call his children and warn them about tornado over their house