This TikTok user infiltrated 'white lives matter' groups – and uncovered a wellspring of racism
Denise Bradley. (TikTok/Screenshot)

A Black TikTok user who goes by "Aunt Karen" is exposing the blatant racism in "white lives matter" social media groups -- and they hate it.

Denise Bradley infiltrated the groups, sometimes with friends who she says spam the boards with messages of "unity and positivity," and found a barrage or racist messages stereotyping Black people as "lazy" and other white supremacist content, reported Daily Dot.

"We have to take this group down," Bradley says in an Oct. 10 video that went viral.

She shared screenshots of posts from the White Lives Matter 2.0 group showing members saying they're "terrified" of Superman being Black, alongside a photo of actor Michael B. Jordan in the comic book superhero's costume, and Facebook ended up deleting the page after reviewing the racist commentary.

"I want them to feel uncomfortable," Bradley said. "They shouldn't be able to display so much hate and bigotry. They don't deserve a space on any platform."


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