Watch: Men scream 'white power' at Black couple outside Alabama home

A newly posted video on social media shows some men in a pickup truck shouting "white power" outside the home of a Black woman in Alabama.

Felita Wilson said the incident happened about 9:40 p.m. on Monday while her daughter and her boyfriend were getting out of their car, and a truck slowed down with two younger white men inside as it passed their Homewood residence, reported

“It makes me a little nervous because of the climate of things,” said Wilson, who posted video recorded by a doorbell camera on her Instagram account. “That was pretty bold. This is a quiet neighborhood. It just makes you wonder about safety.”

Wilson's daughter Jordan said she saw the two men, perhaps in their teens or 20s, inside the truck, and she's sure they saw her and her boyfriend.

“Once they saw us, they started screaming,” Jordan said.

The men can be heard screaming "white power" multiple times in the brief video, which also catches a shot of the truck as it turned left at the nearest corner.

Watch video below or at this link.