Texas DJ caught on video complaining about the presence of Black women in Black-owned bar: 'Get the [expletive] out'

A woman who visited a bar in downtown Austin, Texas, said she was discriminated against after a DJ directed racist remarks towards her and her friends, CBS Austin reports.

A video shows 23-year-old Kenytra Peterson at the Wyld bar, which is known for its mechanical bull.

“So I sign up to ride the bull, as soon as I get up there, I hear like the DJ talking about, 'I thought we weren't letting any more black people in this club,'" said Peterson, who is Afro-Latina. "Then he calls whoever and he's like, 'Don't let any more black people in this club. You guys needed to escort yourself out.'"

In a statement to CBS Austin, Wyld bar said it "does not condone the actions and the words of the DJ on Saturday night. We have discussed this directly with the DJ and are taking action to ensure this never happens again," adding that the bar is a Black-owned business.

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According to CBS Austin, the DJ is also a Black man. He posted an apology to Instagram, saying he understands why people took offense but he was only joking with a friend.

“He says he's like a comedian, but I didn't pay you to come hear your joke. I paid to come ride the bull. I paid to have a drink. If I wanted to hear your so-called jokes. I would have been paid a ticket for your comedy show,” said Peterson, adding that she wants the DJ to be held accountable for his actions "and not just brushed aside like nothing ever happened.”