'Tyranny grows': MAGA fans meltdown after YouTube pulls plug on one of Trump's biggest boosters
A Trump supporter being interviewed. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Fans of Donald Trump reacted with dismay on Wednesday after YouTube permanently banned conservative gadfly Dan Bongino for his attempt to circumvent their terms of service after receiving a temporary ban for spreading Covid misinformation.

In a statement to the Daily Beast a spokesperson for the video platform explained, “We terminated Dan Bongino’s channels for circumventing our Terms of Service by posting a video while there was an active strike and suspension associated with the account. When a channel receives a strike, it is against our Terms of Service to post content or use another channel to circumvent the suspension. If a channel is terminated, the uploader is unable to use, own or create any other YouTube channels.”

With Bongino, a hardcore supporter of Trump and regular contributor on Fox News attempting to direct his supporters to YouTube rival Rumble, his fans took to Twitter to rage at the permanent ban.

"YouTube's loss. At least now we all know it's the Communist echo chamber they always wanted to be but never could admit to being," conservative Jeremy Frankel tweeted.

He was not alone in his complaining as you can see below:

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