Cliven Bundy family rallies support for bill banning federal ownership of land in Nevada
Cliven Bundy news conference. State Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore on the far left (Screencap)

The family of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who led a armed face-off with federal authorities seeking over $1 million in fees due to the U.S. Government for grazing cattle on federal land, is rallying supporters to back a bill that would prevent the federal government from owning land in Nevada.

Under the bill, sponsored by long-time Bundy-supporter and State Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore (R), the federal government would not be permitted to own land in Nevada without the express permission of state lawmakers.

According to Ralston Reports, Bundy's son, Ammon, sent out a letter to supporters calling on them to march on the state capital in Carson City to support of the "Nevadan's Resource Rights Bill."

In the letter, Bundy writes: "With all of your efforts the impossible is happening. The Nevadan's Resource Rights Bill (NRR) has been given a bill number (AB408) and will go before the Resource Committee on March 31st. This is a tremendous accomplishment, one that could not have been achieved without your actions. We started out thinking that if a group of people would act together in unity we could make a real difference. So far each of you have proven this to be correct. THANK YOU!"

Along with calling for Bundy fans to show up for the hearings, Bundy also included a link allowing supporters to register their support for the bill on a state government website.

The bill is likely an outgrowth of support for Bundy by Fiore dating back almost an year when the ranch became an armed compound, protected by a ragtag army of anti-government citizen's militias and snipers.

Bundy currently owes the Bureau of Land Management over a $1 million in fees, more than all other ranchers in arrears combined.

Fiore, an avid champion for Bundy since the federal face-off, has been in the news recently, calling an African-American colleague "colored," while stating that racism is a thing of the past because the U.S. now has a black president.

In late February, she proposed a bill allowing more health options for cancer patients, saying cancer is a "fungus" that can be flushed from the body with salt water.