Fox News host blasts Mike Pence as nothing more than Trump's 'clean up crew'
Mike Pence on with Chris Wallace Sunday (Photo: Screen capture)

Fox News host Chris Wallace sat down with the VP option for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Sunday to ask about Trump's accusations that President Barack Obama founded ISIS.

Like many campaign spokespeople, surrogates and supporters, Mike Pence bungled his response to Wallace. Pence began his week swearing that Trump's comments about Obama being the ISIS found were serious.

"You and he spent a day defending his remarks, saying that they were serious," Wallace said, playing the video. "Now, Trump says that he was being sarcastic. So, Governor, which is it?"

"Well, I think he was being very serious, and he was making a point that needs to be made," Pence replied, before launching into accusations about failed policies in the Middle East.

Wallace couldn't understand then, why Trump would say that he was being sarcastic and the campaign would insist he was joking. Pence insisted Trump was making a serious point, but Wallace persisted. "Forgive me, why did he say he was being sarcastic?" he asked again.

"Well, he was making a very serious point," Pence tried again. "Donald Trump has a way of talking to get people’s attention, and it’s drawn attention to a very important issue." He went on to say that Obama's policies in the Middle East caused the creation of ISIS, a fact that has been refuted by experts.

Wallace could be sympathetic to the policy argument and the thought of attacking Obama's policies, but when it comes to Trump's actions, he seemed to be at a loss. "But that isn’t what Trump said. He said that Obama and Clinton were the most valuable players of ISIS, that they were the co-founders of ISIS. Then he said, well, I was just being sarcastic about that, just as he said he was just being sarcastic about inviting Russia to come in and release e-mails of Hillary Clinton’s. Isn’t the sarcastic excuse getting a bit old?"

Pence insisted Trump's excuses weren't getting old at all. "Donald Trump made his way through a very competitive primary because he spoke not like your typical politician, but just plainly like an everyday American. And speaking plainly is exactly what the American people will anticipate in the course of this election, but more importantly, they’re going to have a president who tells them exactly what’s on his mind, and the American people are going to hear and hear him loudly."

After listening to excuses and spin, Wallace seemed to throw caution the wind and ask the inevitable: "Are you the cleanup crew?"

"I couldn't be more honored to be campaigning shoulder to shoulder with a man who I believe is going to be the next president of the United States," was Pence's non-answer.

To keep track, Trump was being serious, then he said he was being sarcastic, "but not that sarcastic," Katrina Pierson said he was joking around, Trump said again he was being serious and Pence agrees.