GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's spokesperson Katrina Pierson has been caught in some humiliating performances on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC over the past several months. But the latest Twitter exchange takes the cake.

Notorious anti-Trumpster Chrissy Teigen and The Donald had it out on Twitter last December, but Pierson either suddenly thinks that Teigen's latest Twitterstorm mockery was genuine solidarity or Pierson is finally admitting her job really is nothing more than a joke.

Here's how Teigen began:

That last one is certainly true. It can't be easy being Pierson, or as Larry Wilmore called her, spokesgoblin Katrina Pierson. The former late-night comedian once called her out as he “watched the bullsh*t pour out of her mouth.”

But it got better:

That's when Pierson started retweeting some of Teigen's smackdowns, as CrooksAndLiars points out, "without a trace of rancor or irony."


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