Furious Ana Navarro is done with Trump: He 'needs do is quit' and 'stop being the Republican nominee'
Ana Navarro discusses Donald Trump on July 18, 2016. (YouTube)

In the second half of a discussion with Republican women on CNN, anti-Trump pundit Ana Navarro was quite simply done with Donald Trump and his history of anti-women mysogny. She joins a chorus of pundits calling Trump a "dirty old man," "in his own basket of deplorables" and "an irredeemable pervert, a predator."

"Look, I think what Donald Trump needs do is quit," Navarro said. "I think he needs to stop being the Republican nominee. he's dragging this entire process down the gutter. He's dragging the entire Republican party down the gutter. You have to understand he cannot win. He is irredeemable. This is not something you are going to recover from. And the reason is because this is consistent behavior from Donald Trump."

She went on saying that it's just more of the same that women have seen from Trump's history and throughout this campaign. "This is not a one-time occurrence. We've heard him throughout the campaign call Rosie O'Donnell a fat pig, about Miss Universe. Megyn Kelly's menstrual cycle. And giving numbers for scores for scoring their bodies. How many times does he get away with saying something image ist misogynistic or sexist before we call him it."

Navarro concluded that it's past time for the GOP to condemn the man. "It is time to ask him to step down," she said. "It is time to tell America he does not represent Republican values. he is a pig. He is vile. this is consistent behavior by him. The only difference is that now we have it on tape and now we have it on video. But this man is not fit to be president of the United States. He is not fit to be the Republican nominee. he is not fit to be called a man."

Check out the full video below: