Mika Brzezinski shreds Republicans finally fleeing Trump: 'You’re pathetic, you’re weak, you’re spineless'
Mika Brzezinski is confused (Photo: Screen capture)

Post-debate and opening Monday morning, Mika Brzezinski explained on "Morning Joe" that she couldn't understand why suddenly Republicans are pulling their support from their presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Thus far, they've ignored the racism, xenophobia, the constant lies, thousands of lawsuits, bullying behavior, offensive tweets, the constant theme of misogyny, support from white nationalists and more but only now are Republicans beginning to pull their support. At the same time, they're clutching their pearls with surprise as if this is a new occurrence.

"I just don't understand why any of the people who are denouncing Donald Trump vehemently pulling their support are shocked now," she said. "What I mean, those statements were horrible, there are many more available to you."

"This is the same man who said he wanted to have sex with a dead princess because he liked her skin. Are you really shocked?" said co-host Joe Scarborough, his voice rising. "I mean, come on! Who could be shocked!"

Panelist Nicolle Wallace pointed out that the #NeverTrump people always knew about this and many were opposed as a result.

"Do a little googling," Mika suggested. "This guy, says a lot of things like that. He gets people to laugh and he gets effect." Wallace seemed to indicate she had never heard these things come out of Trump before. "You didn't hear him say those things in New Hampshire? Were you asleep!?" Brzezinski exclaimed.

Scarborough tried to cut in, but Brzezinski persisted. "If I could just finish what I was saying because you do need to actually google him, okay," she said before turning to the camera. "And so do key Republicans who endorsed him and then pulled their endorsements last night, like you were so shocked and appalled. This is what put you over the edge?! This!? You're pathetic, you're weak, you're spineless. And now you're going to have to come back, potentially."

She then turned back to Wallace, "But, what I wanted to say is, I was horrified," Scarborough began to chuckle. "Well, I mean, to be shocked, as if this is the first thing he's said. Please."

Check out the video below: