Trump ghostwriter: Losing makes him a desperate 'little boy' with 'a blend of rage and depression'
Tony Schwartz, Ghostwriter of The Art of The Deal (Photo: Screen capture)

MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid's interview with Donald Trump's ghostwriter for The Art of the Deal turned into a revealing conversation about Trump's psychology and the impact it has on him as a leader.

Many have speculated about Donald Trump's temperament and how his body language gives away his true feelings, but Tony Schwartz revealed one of the most important reasons Trump would be a terrible president.

"I'm going say this softly in a soft voice because he doesn't," Schwartz said when asked if Trump cares about the voters putting their faith in him. "He isn't capable of caring about anyone. That's the heart of the problem. He's so needy himself that he needs to spend all of his energy on filling himself up, and, Joy, there simply isn't any left to give."

Schwartz also noted that the issue of money and success is a major one for Trump, as evidenced by the ways in which it can get under Trump's skin when Clinton brings it up. "The connection between his self-worth and financial worth has been inextricable since he was 22 years old, since he got the money from his father. So, he's always been completely dependent on having people believe that he's unbelievably wealthy and certainly wealthier than he is."

When Trump was booed Thursday night at the Al Smith dinner, Schwartz explained that Trump's attacks on the people in the room were his way of helping build himself back up personally, not for the purpose of saving face.

"It's a deep narcissistic injury and what he's trying to do is he's trying to recover and come back from -- very few people who see Trump the way I do," Schwartz explained. "Also, the pathos is he's a little boy, desperate for love, a particular kind of love. He never got it. He's not getting it now and he's in -- he's in a blend of rage and depression."

When it comes to the media, Schwartz has a love-hate relationship. "Without the media, he ceases to exist because his sense of himself comes entirely from attention. So, if he were to lose attention from the media, it's like air going out of a balloon. But more interesting to me than that about this Gettysburg speech is that set of things in his promise to America, his contract with America, you know, recalling Newt Gingrich's 'Contract With America,' is a group of policies and -- and plans that I will bet you Trump himself hasn't even read. He doesn't know them. He doesn't understand them and has no intention of actually reading them because they are foreign to him. That's not what he's interested in. What he's interested in at this point is settling grievances."

He also noted that Trump has the smallest vocabulary when it comes to, not just people running for president, but even among people running for offices like county commissioner. So, when he reads speeches, particularly ones about policies, he is easily confused and thrown off of his game.

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