Keith Olbermann: ‘Whack job’ Trump is facing an intel coup -- but he still blunders on obliviously
Keith Olbermann (Facebook)

Political commentator Keith Olbermann on Thursday wondered if Donald Trump realizes the United States intelligence community is trying to “kill and eat his presidency,” insisting the president is ignoring “warnings” from people within the government.

Noting the range of leaks from within the intelligence community, including information that led to the ouster of former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn as well as evidence that the Trump campaign was in "constant contact" with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign, Olbermann asked, “Do you think Trump understands what these are? They are warnings.”

“A source does not give you a story because you want them to give it to you, a source gives you a story because they want to give it to you,” Olbermann explained, adding “there are sources, a lot of sources … who want to tell the world about Donald Trump.”

Olbermann said the intelligence leaks prove that “there is an iceberg and it will be revealed, one square foot at a time,” adding the president should “stop screwing around” lest “far more embarrassing, far more destructive, far more lurid details” be revealed.

“The Resistance” host opined that the beginning of the end for the intelligence community was likely the president’s self-aggrandizing speech at the CIA headquarters, which then escalated when it became clear Trump was “disinterested” in the information they provided. The final straw, Olbermann said, was likely when photos arose of Trump discussing national security at an open table at Trump’s “Southern White House,” his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Olbermann added that while the intelligence community doesn’t want to stage a coup and take down the administration, "Bullshit McGee over here is a whack job.”

Watch the video below, via GQ: