Cuomo nails why Trump spox are so bad at their jobs: 'Too busy scurrying around' explaining conspiracies
Trump spokespeople Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway (Photo: Screen captures)

In a Tuesday morning panel discussion, CNN's Chris Cuomo noted that President Donald Trump's spokespeople like Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee-Sanders aren't in a position to make a lot of sense because they're too busy "scurrying around trying to find proof" of Trump's claims.

Cuomo was referencing Trump's recent unfounded allegations that former President Barack Obama wiretapped him at Trump Tower.

Co-host Alisyn Camerota noted that spokespeople need to do their homework when they're representing the president, but that isn't what usually happens in this White House.

"When you're the president's spokesperson, you've done your homework and know what the president is talking about and what he's basing his accusations on," Camerota said. "That's not this White House's style. They go out and say, 'I don't know. The president believes it for whatever reason.'"

Media analyst Brian Stelter joked with Camerota that he would try not to dodge her question the way Conway and Sanders do.

"We would like when a spokesperson is speaking for the president to actually have spoken to the president himself and know where the president's mind is at. We're not getting that in this case," Stelter said, noting that it decreases the value of such interviews.

"Good point. If you can't get information, what's the point? It's just theater," Camerota noted.

"Well, they can't be expected to be able to answer your questions about what they're saying to him when they're too busy scurrying around, trying to find something that would qualify as proof to back up what he said," Cuomo said.

Check out the full conversation below: