Watch CNN's Angela Rye zap Trumpster Jack Kingston: 'Why did YOU go to Russia during the transition?'
Fmr. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), Kirsten Powers, and Angela Rye (Photo: Screen capture)

Former Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) is known for making absurd, outright false or unverified claims while appearing on CNN. Despite CNN's efforts to promote the network as fact-based and willing to fight for truth, Kingston remains a regular guest.

Tonight, in the wake of the latest Russia investigation bombshell, Kingston proposed an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that special counsel Robert Mueller is running into the indictments because he's coming under fire for money spent in 2010. Then, Kingston said that there "might" be a connection to Hillary Clinton and a bribery case about uranium.

CNN's Don Lemon then read a recent tweet from President Donald Trump, claiming that there is no evidence of collusion that has been found and that he was clearly not involved in collusion.

"The fact that he is saying he's cleared, in effect, is really fascinating to me because it may mean that there is some leaked information," commentator Angela Rye said. "One of the things that I do want to point to, is there's a very clear timeline of events that brought us here and I think that for many of us, Congressman Kingston just mentioned that we want this to be over. Right, we're ready to be done with Russia. But I would harken your attention to 'those damn e-mails' and how much time we spent on those. There are a million smoking guns when we talk about Russia."

Kingston then tried to pivot to a paid speech former President Bill Clinton gave to a Russian bank.

"Jack, can I stop you there?" Lemon jumped in. "We talked about this."

"There is no new information that changes any of the conclusions for every fact check that has been done about this, that Hillary Clinton knew about -- if she does, if there's -- listen, if there's an investigation, it should play out," Lemon then said.

Kingston persisted with his conspiracy theory and, at that point, the conversation went off the rails fast.

"Jack, do you understand what I'm saying?" Lemon said, citing that the conspiracy theory allegedly happened in 2010, was investigated in 2013 or 2015 and nothing was found and was once again being brought up. "It's embarrassing."

"It was just this week that Congress decided to investigate that!" Kingston said.

"But why is that?" Rye asked. "You know people all of the time with these special committees have political intentions with the point of the investigation. One of the reasons there was a special committee on Benghazi for so long, that dragged out throughout the election, was it was politically motivated. So, let's not act like it's not in Republicans' best interest."

Watch the clip below: