Chris Cuomo destroys Breitbart editor who tried to excuse Roy Moore's behavior with Ringo Starr lyrics
CNN host Chris Cuomo and Joel Pollak of Breitbart (Photo: Screen capture)

During a CNN interview Monday, Breitbart editor Joel Pollak not only questioned the the accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, he excused them by using song lyrics from an old Ringo Starr tune. Co-host Chris Cuomo wasn't having it.

"You know, in 1973, Ringo Starr hit number one on the billboard charts with a song 'You're 16 and You're Beautiful and You're Mine,'" Pollak said of the song that was a cover of an earlier song. "He was 30-something at the time, singing about a 16-year-old. Do we want to take away Ringo Starr's --"

"You can't be serious," Cuomo cut in. "You can't be serious."

Pollak retorted, "you can't be serious. You're talking about--"

"You can't be serious," Cuomo cut in again. "You think that Ringo Starr's song is supposed to be a nod toward allowing 30-year-old men to prey on teenagers? You don't believe that, Joel. You're a parent, you don't believe that."

Pollak said that Cuomo, who is also a father, should know that sons will be exposed to allegations that "may or may not be true." He said that there is a "lumping in" of accusations of illegal behavior for legal conduct.

It was an open secret that teens should be wary of Moore in the 1970s while hanging out at a local mall. Police were also told to keep an eye on Moore at high school football games to keep him away from cheerleaders. A "shirtless" Moore was also known to try and pick up teens at a local YMCA. Fox News has tried to excuse the behavior by saying Moore hasn't approached any teens "that we know of" since he got married. Moore first met his wife while attending her dance recital while she was in her teens. The two were married when she was 23 years-old.

Watch the disturbing conversation below: