The View crushes Roy Moore: 'If you can't shop at the local mall maybe you shouldn't be in the Senate'
Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines on "The View" (Photo: Screen capture)

As Republicans line up to pull their endorsements of disgraced former judge Roy Moore, another accuser appeared with a creepy yearbook message written to a 15-year-old from then a 32-year-old Moore. It was another of the few things on which the women of "The View" on both sides of the partisan aisle could agree.

During Tuesday's episode, co-host Sunny Hostin couldn't understand why issues like sexual assault and sexual harassment are suddenly partisan issues.

"Since when is pedophilia partisan?" she asked, as the women chimed in to say it shouldn't be.

However, Meghan McCain jumped in to say that the Republican establishment never supported Moore, rather they supported Luther Strange. This is another example of what McCain called "the ultimate Steve Bannon candidate," who was able to rise on a platform of populism on President Donald Trump's coattails. While Trump didn't endorse Moore, his supporters are firmly behind the candidacy. Many Republicans in Alabama continue to support him.

"The problem right now for conservatives like me is these are not traditional candidates you would be putting up from my perspective, and I think when you have these populist revolutions and this constant fight with traditional conservatives and traditional Republicans, you're going to end up with candidates who quite frankly aren't vetted to the degree that they need to be," McCain continued. "Let me tell you, this stain is going to stick with [Republicans] into the midterms and going into 2020."

"Can I just say, if you can't shop at the local mall, maybe you shouldn't be in the Senate," co-host Sara Haines cut in to say. "It was not official but they said that they knew to keep an eye out for someone wearing a suit and like to prey on teenagers, on young girls."

Hostin, who once served as a federal prosecutor, who went after sexual predators, noted that often times in trials she would show photos of the girl at the age the "grooming" began or when the first contact was. By the time the girls were to appear in court, they looked much older and people were able to excuse the behavior because of how the girls appeared. That's why she noted the importance of the #MeAt14 campaign, where women have been posting photos of themselves at 14 years old to show they don't look "old enough" for a 30-something older man to somehow get a pass.

Watch the full discussion below: