Responding to White House adviser Kellyanne Conway's abrasive appearance on the CNN 's State of the Union on Sunday morning, the host of Slate's "The Gist" podcast gave the Trump flack's performance a thumbs-down, saying she pulled her usual "goddess of disruption" act to derail the interview.

Speaking with host David Gura, podcast host Mike Pesca gave a scathing review while pointing out that Conway's job was to try and persuade Trump attorney Michael Cohen not to turn on the president and spill the beans in an effort to avoid prison.

After sharing choice clips of Conway on CNN, host Gura asked, "Who's the audience for that? You see the tweets yesterday from President Trump talking about Michael Cohen, whether or not he'll flip. One can assume here that there may be some hope one Michael Cohen is watching or looking at the Twitter feed."

"Right," Pesca agreed. "And they're using that to to communicate, 'We love you, we value you and we still hold you in regard.' And yet, at the same time when she did answer, other White House surrogates answered what does he have to flip about? And the answer is, 'Well that he'll lie.'"

"So here, on the one hand, you're saying 'This Michael Cohen, this is  a guy the president really respects but might lie, he might lie to indict the president to federal prosecutors.' Those two things don't go together," Pesca laughed.

"I do say there is another audience," he continued. "And you did a great service to your viewers because that that was edited and Kellyanne Conway did her normal goddess of disruption routine where she pulled in Comey and drug addiction. But that audience is the Trump base. They can't make this investigation go away but they can muddy the waters and she did a bit of muddying the waters that it is a witch hunt. But the main thing is that they are communicating to Michael Cohen, 'Don't flip on the president, oh, and by flip we mean lie.' I don't think they mean lie. They know that he knows that there's some substance to what he might tell prosecutors."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: